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Editing for Profit

Building your Editing Business

Course Summary

If you love words and want to make money fixing them for other people, this course is for you! We will go through how to establish yourself as a freelance editor and how to edit for profit. In it, you’ll find direct guidance on how to set up your editing business (complete with finding clients and putting together a portfolio), an introduction (with examples) of types of editing, practice activities (with feedback), and tips on taking editing from side hustle to career. You’ll even have access to live editing sessions!

Course Curriculum

Martha Warner

Welcome to The Warner Excellence Academy! I'm Martha Warner, creator and President of The Warner Excellence Academy, a subsidiary of Martha Warner, LLC. I'm an editor, writer, and educator with over 15 years of experience. I strive to help others find excellence in whatever path they are taking by sharing my experiences and education along with interactive activities, memorable practice, and practical application. 

I learned all kinds of new things! I learned about the different types of editing and the tools. I learned about the processes that need to be in place to start your own editing business. 

Julie Tekulve
Owner & Editor, JA Edits

This course helped my immensely in knowing how to start my freelance editing business. It showed me exactly what steps I need to take moving forward. It also taught me a great deal about editing.

Gwen Rosato

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Sara Johnson
Founder, CTO - The Company