Educating with Martha


As an educator, I follow the process of "I do, we do, you do." This philosophy, paired with my experience as a coach, allows me to relate and connect to students on a level that is clear and supportive. Below, you can see student testimonials and some of my online courses.

Student testimonials

" It didn't matter how many times someone didn't understand something. You stayed patient and accessible at all times."

--Ebony, student

" When you can’t figure out a 7th Language Arts assignment, so you reach out to your favorite 7th grade language arts save the day!"

--Austin, student

" She always taught with passion and took the time to help a student whenever they needed it. She had amazing office hours and made huge efforts for her students to learn. She was also insightful on life lessons, not just guiding us on academia. Her upbeat personality made her classroom feel inviting and warm."

--Trisha, student

" You have been the only teacher to WANT to help me. You took time and helped me grow because of your teaching and social skills. You care about each student 100%!"

--Missy, student

Where to start and where to end? Maybe start off with your ironclad if not immeasurable patience? My hand writing is terrible (at least I believe so) yet you worked through it to take in what I had written. I know for a FACT I would not have made it through my education without you. You are beyond supportive and understanding. You made yourself available even when you did not have to and still did not capitulate. You missed many lunches for us. Even now the pushes you gave me then have helped me move ever so forward. The exposures to social interactions and the "try and try" again motivations."

--Creed, student

" You showed me how to grow back on my own two feet again as a person. You were one of my first teachers after 10 yrs of not being enrolled in school. Not only did you challenged me in a classroom you taught me differences in life on a real note. You never gave up on me. You taught me how to write an essay. You taught me how to express myself through writing. Everyday you were a strong woman for us and you touched so many lives. You helped me understand in the end what i fight for daily. You taught me the words one day at a time. You have taught me personally still now until this day that whatever you want you go get it. To know your worth. As a person fight each day."

--Bishop, student

" I loved your class because you helped me get out of my shy status, you helped me learn a lot, and you took your time and helped me get to where I needed to be to graduate. You are caring you love everyone even if we give you troubles you never turned your back on us. You helped me get through the loss of a father and you never judged me for coming back to school at 29. I always looked forward to coming to your room cause you wasn’t just my teacher you was my friend. You have such an amazing heart and you are a great listener. You never rushed through things if we needed a little extra push you was always there."

--Shawna, student