5 engaging ideas to send to your email list in December

Overwhelmed with what to send your email list? Check out these 5 engaging ideas to send to your email list in December.


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Are you making your lists and checking them twice? Preparing for the holidays–going from this place to that? Swamped in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?

Did you remember your email newsletter list?

Writing email content in December can be easy to forget with the chaos of the holidays. You may be thinking, How can I be creative when I have yet another thing on my to-do list?

We’ve got you. Let us take the guesswork out of it with these 5 ideas you can send to your list in December.


Happy Holidays

Keep it simple and send your list happy holiday wishes. That doesn’t mean to make it dull, though! Make it festive by:

  • Letting them know when you are going to be out of office. Keep them updated and set expectations so you can truly enjoy your time away. Avoid generic out of office email by making it specific to your audience and something that they will WANT to read!

  • Showing genuine gratitude. Share with them how much their support has meant to you throughout the year. Try creating a quick video to share directly in your email.

  • Including visual connections. Try adding a funny meme or pictures of you and your family to make it fun and engaging. Make personal connections by asking your list to share their favorite family photo.

Sending a "Happy Holidays" email for your email list is a great way to strengthen your connection with subscribers and keep them in the loop.


Exclusive discounts and promotions

It’s a great time of year to make your subscribers feel appreciated and show them the value of being on your list. You can offer discounts and special promotions to your email list first, or you can use your email list to create a new offer.

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When creating a new offer, make it compelling! What does your list actually need or want?

It’s SO hard as a business owner to get in this mindset. That’s why we started our own businesses in the first place–to get the freedom to do and create what we want! But you also need to consider your audience and what they NEED. Don’t waste your time creating an offer that your audience doesn’t actually want or need.

Ask them what they are struggling with and create your offer around their needs. It doesn’t need to be salesy or coming from a place of desperation. Have a conversation with your audience. Ask them how they are doing, what they are struggling with, what they don’t enjoy doing, and create your offer around that.

My audience often struggles with showcasing their expertise in a way that resonates with their audience. One of the best ways to do this is through blogging. This may not be their specialty or something that they simply have the time to do, so I have created my newest offerings around what they tell me they are struggling with.

Once you have your offer, you can throw in some holiday cheer by giving your list first access, an exclusive discount, or an add on to your original offer.

Make sure you are following me on social media to see what my Black Friday offer is going to be!

    Year in review

    December is the perfect time to do a year in review for your audience. It’s a great way to reflect on your accomplishments, goals you hit, and shared experiences throughout the year. You can create a storyline and walk them throughout the entire year. Some ways you can do this include:

    • Goals you achieved. Compile a list of things you want to celebrate. This is also a great way to refresh content that you created throughout the year.

    • Fabulous failures. Let your audience see the real you, which sometimes means sharing the not-so-glamorous side of business. Spin what didn’t work into lessons learned.

    • Audience engagement. Ask them to share their year with you. Create a way for your audience to engage with you by asking them questions about their year and have them share in a reply or on socials.


    A look ahead

    Sending an email with the excitement of the new year is also a great way to engage with your audience.

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    • Share your plans and goals for the new year. You can build up the anticipation for the new year by giving them a sneak peak of a new offer or product you have planned. Add a personal touch and fill them in on some of your personal goals as well. You never know where a shared connection may come from!

    • Share trends for the new year. You can build authority in your industry with a little work. Do some research and pull together information that would be helpful to your audience. Compile the information in a way that is engaging and lets them know what they can expect in the new year in your industry.

    • Ask your audience what they would like to see from you in the new year. This is the best way to plan out your offerings, and it helps your audience feel connected to you and your brand. It shows that you value their opinion and are there to truly help them.

    At Martha Warner, LLC, we have some BIG things planned for 2024. Make sure you are on my email list to get first access to all of the exciting plans we have.


    Customer spotlight and testimonials

    As you are reflecting on the past year, it is a great strategy to include your clients. Try sharing stories of how your products or services positively impacted your customers' lives or businesses. This adds a personal touch and also reinforces the value of your brand. Not only will sharing your client wins help your business, it may also help theirs.

    Sharing testimonials humanizes your brand by putting a face and story behind your products or services. It adds a personal touch and also helps differentiate your business from competitors. Testimonials are a key component of your unique selling proposition.

    When potential clients see that your offerings have unique strengths or have addressed specific needs effectively, it sets your business apart in a crowded market.

    It may also help future clients feel more confident in making purchases with your business and improve your overall reputation.

    Go beyond the typical holiday greetings this year and build your email marketing strategy with overall engagement in mind. This can be done in numerous ways, but the overall goal is to make your subscribers feel like valued members of your community.

    What will you be sharing with your email list this December? Send me a message, and I would love to hear about your 2024 plans!

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