Create an about page that converts

Does your about page have you stuck? Follow these steps to create a page that converts!


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When was the last time you updated your ABOUT page on your website?

Creating an about page on your website can be difficult. What is important to share? How much do you talk about yourself versus your team or your business? What does your audience want to hear? What should you include to draw readers in and convert them into leads?

These are all great questions to ask yourself when you are creating your about page. You want to include your story since people are investing in you, but you also want to include a little about yourself, your business, and your team. But one thing so many business owners miss is sharing why you would be the best person to solve their problem.


An about page is essential

An about page will give visitors an inside look into who you are and what your business is about. It’s a necessary part of your website in order to connect with your audience. And it’s a great opportunity to tell your story and build relationships with potential customers.


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🡲 Show off your brand. Your brand is more than just the colors and fonts you choose to use. Your brand is YOU and what makes you and your business unique. An about page is the perfect opportunity to showcase everything you have to offer.

🡲 Tell your story. This is a great place to talk more about you and the “why” behind your business. But remember, you also need to connect with your audience. How can you use your story to help? This is a great way to get them interested in what you have to offer by connecting with them on a deeper level.

🡲 Showcase your offerings. When someone is looking into your business to learn more about what it is you do and what you have to offer, an about page is a quick way for them to find the information they need. Make sure to capitalize on this and start your customer journey.

🡲 Let them know why you. Your audience has pain points and challenges, so address them directly and let them know what you can do to help. Is your reader struggling to create their website? Share your unique story about all of the obstacles you faced when building your own website and the exact steps you took to overcome those struggles.



    What to include on your about page

    It can be easy to get carried away when writing your about page. You don’t need to tell your whole life story. Rather you want to take the parts of your story that will be relatable to your readers and highlight those pain points.


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    Make sure to include:

    🡲 Your face. Make sure you include a picture of yourself. People want to know who they are learning about.

    🡲 Your services. Make sure to clearly explain what it is you do and how your business can serve them.

    🡲 Your credentials. Identify what makes you the expert. Include any degrees, certifications, publications, etc. that are relevant to what you do.

    🡲 Your team. Highlight who is on your team, what they do for your business, and a little relevant information. If you don’t connect, maybe someone on your team will.

    🡲 Your contact. Make sure to include multiple points of contact in a variety of formats (buttons, emails, calendar requests) throughout your website to be able to contact you for questions and inquiries but also to sign up for your services and/or products.

    And remember to keep it visually appealing with a clear, concise, inviting design.


    Does your about page have you stuck?

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