Wrap it up!

Not sure how to prepare your business for the holidays? Check out these tips!

It’s the middle of November, so we have to face reality. The holiday season is upon us

As a business owner, you have to prepare extra hard for the holiday season, so you don’t miss out on potential sales or clients. But don’t worry. I’ve got a list of the top considerations to keep your business flowing smoothly even when you’re enjoying your holiday meal.

Plan (and schedule) ahead

Take the time to plan the days you’ll be off. Many of us take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Consider the winter holidays as well. Are you taking off Christmas Eve and day? What about New Year’s Eve and day? Once you plan your days off, schedule messages to go out on those days. Your audience still wants to hear from you, so make sure to use a scheduling tool to send out your social media posts. 

Notify your team and clients

Make sure you share your adjusted schedule with your team and with your clients. I suggest asking your team to add their dates to your calendar, so you know who you have working where and when. If you have an international team, there may be different holidays that they celebrate, so you’ll need to mark those as well. Your team may be able to work while you are not, but be sure they have all they need from you before you enjoy your break. The same goes for your clients. Make sure they are squared away and aware of your schedule well ahead of time. 

Enjoy your break

One of the most difficult (and most important) parts of being a business owner is confidently stepping away from your business. It’s difficult to leave the baby you’ve been cultivating for so long, but it’s incredibly important to unplug and focus on what you need to be the best business owner you can be. Holidays, breaks, friends, and family all help us be that person we want to be. But if you’re only in it halfway, you’re adding to your stress levels. Your business will survive a few days without you, especially if you heed my advice. 

Getting your business wrapped up for the holidays will alleviate stress from you, your team, your clients, and your family and friends. You might even be able to pick up some new ideas for your business if you really focus and listen during your holiday breaks.

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