If you've wanted to get your website up and going but struggled to do it yourself and don't want to pay thousands, this workshop is for you!

Does this sound familiar?

You know you need a website and want to start making money on it.

You've considered hiring someone to do it, but you know it costs a lot.

You're nervous, confused, or unsure of how to get started.

You want to learn how to navigate your own website but need help.

If you said yes to any of those scenarios, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, we'll have your website up and running in 10 days or less. You'll have access to a planning guide, a group training session, a one-on-one training session, how-to videos, and a community of support. 

Workshop Pricing

  • Payment option
  • 2 payments of

    $600 USD

    per week Invest now!

Workshop Summary

In this workshop, you will get hands-on guidance to build your website in 10 days!


After you make your payment, you'll follow a few simple steps.

Step 1.

Answer the questions on your website setup checklist

You'll answer a series of questions about your website, domain, usernames, and more. It should take you 15-20 minutes to complete this checklist. We'll use this checklist to set up your website, domain, and username.

Step 2.

Complete the website planning guide

You'll outline what you want to include on your website. You can use other websites to get ideas, but you'll outline the content of your information, including about, services or products, contact information, and more. 

Step 3.

Register and participate in the group session

You'll join your instructor and others who are taking on this challenge as we go over how to access your website, how to build and edit your website, and more on Monday, April 3 from 5:30-6:30 pm EST. Can't make that time? Catch the replay!

Step 4.

Schedule your one-on-one

You'll schedule a one-on-one meeting with your instructor who will share specific details, suggestions, and feedback on your website. Your meeting will even be recorded for you to replay when you need it.


Your website built by you, controlled by you, and ready for your audience!

Meet the creator and your guide

Hi! I'm Martha.

Growing up, I knew I loved three things: people, language, and helping others.

I spent my time in college focusing on words and technology before I started teaching. I taught in middle school, high school, community college, and university settings. While I love teaching, I wanted to work with more people.

So I'm proud to welcome you to my course and workshop offerings because so much love and thought has gone into designing and creating each and every course and workshop.

Every day, I get to work with people, play with language and technology, and help others, and now, you can too.

Get ready to level up your skills with practical applications, memorable practices and interactive tasks.

I'm ready! Are you?

Workshop Pricing

  • Payment option
  • 2 payments of

    $600 USD

    per week Invest now!