Services by Martha


My team and I provide a variety of services, including digital management, website design, development, and maintenance, project management, and writing and editing. Find out more about each of those areas and how I can help.

Digital Marketing

Looking for someone to take over your digital marketing: websites, emails, blogs, social media, etc.? We'll eject those thoughts in your head and put them into clear, dynamic language that leads to connections and sales. I use my lifetime of storytelling, sales, and communication to help you drive customers and clients to sales.

Project Management

Looking for a strategic partner who can help you identify the goals of your project and figure out practical strategies to get the job done? We'll start with a conversation and put together a solid plan. I use decades of managing teams, businesses, and nonprofits, as well as my connections to help you see your project through successfully.

Websites & Courses

Looking for customized websites or online courses for your business, employees, or clients? We'll review your needs and goals to design, develop, and maintain your website or online course. I use years of training, education, and teaching and my team's expertise to create practical, engaging websites and courses that will leave your audience wanting more.

Writing & Editing

Looking for a writer or an editor to help you find the words to get your message across or to correct what you have already created? We'll look at your ideas and current samples to put together a clear process that works to get your ideas out in the world. I use my English degrees, my years as a writer and editor, and my team's expertise to create dynamic copy.

Ana Canon Headshot

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Martha. She is an amazing writer who consistently comes up with interesting topics for my business blog. Her dedication to doing high-quality work, her vast experiences and expertise, and her creativity directly lead to sales. Martha is very professional, dependable, and an absolute joy to work with. Her dedication to doing high-quality work leads to sales. I highly recommend Martha for any of your writing needs!"

Ana Canon 
Founder - Avrah Virtual

Ginger Louden-Mahoney Headshot

"Martha stands out in any crowd. She is my go-to when I need professional guidance on projects and best methods to conduct business. Very knowledgeable of resources, she always points me in the right direction. [...] Martha is always willing to help others be their best. She is very down-to-earth and approachable. Because of this, I can trust that she will always give me relevant, reliable, and fast assistance. I am eternally grateful for the collaboration I have conducted with Martha."

Ginger Louden-Mahoney 
Founder - reimaGined

Same Baker Headshot

 "I hired Martha as a copywriter ... originally ... to help me with some blog posts. Since then, her role has expanded. She's my go-to writer for email, social media, and website content. I always know that when I give her an assignment, the final product will be thoughtful and creative. She always goes above and beyond. She takes time to get to know all of my clients' voices and business goals, so she can write for them confidently. I highly recommend Martha! Her work will never disappoint!"

Sam Baker
Owner - Sam Baker Consulting