Writing & Editing


Writing can be difficult.

  • You have to know your audience really well.
  • You have to have a purpose for sharing with that audience.
  • You have to be able to get the idea out of your head in an organized way. 
  • And you have to know how to structure those ideas in a way that your audience will get.

For some, it's exhausting.

That's where I come in! I'll use my 30+ years of writing, 16+ years of teaching writing, and 2 degrees to help alleviate the stress of writing for you.

Digital Marketing Visionary


Business writing

Get help creating manuals, SOPs, and articles of incorporation, by-laws, strategic plans, job descriptions, business plans, and more for your business.


We'll work together to write grants, novels, books, and more in your name.

UX writing

Let's craft a user-experience (UX) that will draw your audience in with blogs, articles, e-books, emails, or social media posts that add value or knowledge.


If you aren't investing in an editor, you're taking a risk that your copy will be incorrect, inconsistent, and full of errors.

Get the help from an experienced editor with the confidence and technical skills to make sure your copy is free of mistakes.

Rest easy with the knowledge that your content will flow with clarity and consistency. 

Digital Marketing Visionary



Have a document, book, or online marketing materials that need a second set of eyes?

Dissertation editing

A Martha Warner specialty--we'll make sure your dissertation chapters are ready for your committee review and publication.

Copy editing

Make sure your writing is accurate, clear, and correct, flows well and makes sense.